GRAMMY Award Winning
Pacific Boychoir Academy

Pacific Boychoir Academy (PBA) is a GRAMMY Award-winning, independent choir school for boys in grades three through eight, with seven after-school choirs for boys in pre-kindergarten through high school. Founded in Oakland, California in 1998 by Artistic Director Kevin Fox, PBA serves over 170 choristers a season, has released nine independent albums, tours domestically and internationally each year, and has garnered three GRAMMY Awards with the San Francisco Symphony. The only secular North American boychoir school outside of the East Coast, PBA offers unique and rigorous choral and academic programs, producing confident, engaged young men and artists.
PBA has also performed with esteemed artists such as Kronos Quartet, Omaha Symphony, Oakland-East Bay Symphony, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, American Bach Soloists, San Francisco Opera, Youth Orchestra of the Americas, National Symphony Orchestra of Brazil…and much more.


Judy Estrin

Judy Estrin is a networking technology pioneer and Silicon Valley leader. Since 1981, she has co-founded eight technology companies and served as CTO of Cisco Systems. As CEO of JLABS, LLC, she is an advisor and speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Previously, she served on the boards of directors of The Walt Disney Company (1998 - 2014,) FedEx Corporation (1989 - 2010,) Sun Microsystems (1995 - 2003,) Rockwell Corporation (1994 - 1998,) KQED (2015-2017,) and The Medium Corporation (2016-2017.)

Estrin is the author of the book, Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy (McGraw-Hill; September, 2008). The book explores key concepts of innovation and challenges business, education and national leaders to work together to reignite the sustainable innovation essential for future growth. Her more recent thoughts about the impacts of technology on democracy and society are expressed in Authoritarian Technology: Attention! and The World is Choking on Digital Pollution.


Nathan Walworth (PhD)

Dr. Walworth is an entrepreneurial climate scientist and futurist whose work lies at the intersection of global change, exponential tech, evolution, culture, and the earth microbiome. He is a Global People's Fellow and Co-founder of the NEXUS Futurism Working Group: a platform that convenes leaders across industry to assess worldwide effects of exponential tech and how they may be positively implemented. His work has taken him from the Tropics to Antarctica with positions at various international institutions including the J. Craig Venter Institute (The first human genome), Lund University (Sweden), and the University of Southern California (Los Angeles), among others. He speaks and co-produces cultural, environmental, and futurism content for various domestic and international summits and festivals including events hosted at the United Nations, United States Institute of Peace, Lightning in a Bottle, Wonderfruit Festival, and more.


Lina Constantinovici

Lina is an entrepreneur, investor, pioneer in biomimetic innovation, sustainability thought leader, futurist, educator, and philanthropic advisor.

She is the pioneer of biomimetic innovation, Lina has focused on investing in and commercializing biomimetic technologies. In 2012, Lina founded StartupNectar, a biomimetic technology incubator focused on commercializing solutions based on nature’s strategies.


JARON is 2010 TIME100 Thinkers. He is one of the leading philosophers of the digital age. He is a computer scientist and avant-garde composer. Jaron’s books include Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality, Who Owns the Future?, and the seminal You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto. His latest book bears a self-explanatory title: Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.


Natalie Bridgeman Fields

The executive director of Accountability Counsel, which amplify people’s voices to defend their environmental and human rights. The organization is a team of community lawyers, policy advocates, and researchers working on shifting global systems to address harm from internationally financed projects. She is an expert on the unintended consequences of investment decision-making on human rights and the environment.
Natalie has taught courses at law schools and universities and has published widely on a variety of governance-related topics. Earlier in her career, as a lawyer at Wilson Sonsini and through her own law office, she litigated corporate, human rights, and environmental cases in US courts.
Natalie has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University, and a law degree from UCLA School of Law, where she was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs. She is also a singer, artist and athlete. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and three young kids.  

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Matthew Maxey

Matt is the Founder of Deafinitely Dope, a company that provides sign language interpretation for live music events for deaf and hard of hearing fans. Matt was hand-picked by Chance the Rapper to provide ASL interpretation on his 2019 tour.


Katie McAuliffe

Katie McAuliffe is Executive Director of Digital Liberty and Federal Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform. @digitalliberty

Her expertise in telecom and technology issues spans more than 10 years in academia and in Washington D.C. Over the years, she has worked on policies covering topics such as: spectrum, net neutrality, privacy, automated vehicles, future of work, broadband, anti-trust, tech/telecomm regulatory reform, intellectual property etc...

She has testified before Congress and her commentary has been published in The Hill, Forbes, and the U.S. News & World Report.

She began her Washington D.C. career with Congressman Cliff Stearns’ (R-Fla.), and received her Master of Mass Communications with a Telecommunications Policy focus from the University of Florida and her B.A. from Virginia Tech.


Lucian is Founding Curator and Executive Director of Civana, a platform cooperative designed to optimize the flow of resources necessary to ensure a thriving global civilization for all. Civana focuses on creating products and programs for movements, communities, and multi-stakeholder initiatives looking to maximize their impact on the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Civana's first product is a digital collaboration ecosystem designed for impact communities working on the SDGs. Civana’s first program is the League of Extraordinary Communities which supports high impact multi-stakeholder initiatives focused on the SDGs.

 Lucian has a decade of experience in designing and powering online communities that connect diverse stakeholders around a shared purpose.  
He has spoken at gatherings such as Davos, various World Economic Forum meetings, TEDx, The China Digital Summit, Impact Summit and for companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Coca-Cola, Oracle, Pearson, IBM and PWC.  He speaks to audiences around the world about communities and the convergence of talent, knowledge and capital and the impact on