UCOT LABS is a unique space to support and fund early-stage startups solving unintended consequences of technology.

It’s impossible to ignore the effect of exponential technology on our society. On the sunny side: Technology is used in almost everything we do: For instance, the internet helps us know exactly what is happening when it's happening; 3-D printing of prosthetic limbs gives individuals freedom; with tech, we are now able to study galaxies billions of light years away; curing diseases...the list is long. These are a few of many examples where technology has done and continue to do amazing things for humanity. However, this luxury comes with many unintended consequences for better or for worse. For example: There is 29 states in America where driving a vehicle is the number one job; autonomous vehicles are set to bring some disruption to the industry. Additionally, climate change and issues like Tech addiction are becoming a crisis. There are many groups – tech startups, governments, non-profits, concerned citizens – working on these issues. At UCOT LABS, we support entrepreneurs that are developing innovative solutions to address these and many more other unintended consequences of technology.


UCOT LABS offers a four-month seed program in San Francisco California for startups. We bring experience, capital, and global relationships to support visionary entrepreneurs start and grow companies responding to unintended and willfully neglected consequences of technology. Examples: fake news/misinformation, data breaches, job displacement due to automation/algorithms, biases in AI...


Startups and entrepreneurs from anywhere can apply.

Sectors / Markets of Focus

All tech or tech-enabled businesses

Humane world class startups, start right here!

We partners with entrepreneurs who deeply care about
people, planet, and Sustainability.

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