Key Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs: Turn Frustration into Opportunity

Oftentimes, the most productive growth comes from points of pain and frustration. This is the best case scenario for difficult situations and experiences. How do you keep from getting mired in pain and frustration and instead utilize these emotions to produce something rewarding and good?

UCOT interviewed six successful entrepreneurs for their insights based on their personal experiences. We discovered six key lessons for creating entrepreneurial opportunities.

  1. Learn from other people’s mistakes

  2. Hack your own path

  3. Connection is important

  4. Be the change you wish to see

  5. Transform from victim to warrior

  6. Use pain and frustration as fuel

How have you used to pain and frustration in your own life to create entrepreneurial opportunities? We’d love to hear about it! Please reach out on Facebook or Twitter and share your experiences or join us at the #UCOT2018 event. 

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